Posteado por: Concha Huerta | 14/03/2010

At The Modern

(Post translated by M. da Silva from Spanish The Modern )



Shellfish mix over lilac foam and aromas of thunder and sea breeze. (Grandcamp, Evening. Georges Seurat.1885)

Fig, lime and orange cuts placed over caramelized grits and fine herb cheese. (Landscape at Collioure. Henri Matisse. 1905)


Tender shoots extravagance over bed of chestnut compote, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. (The Park. Gustav Klimt.1910)

Asparagus scrambled eggs in extra virgin olive oil with Rosemary and forest herbs. (L’Estaque. Georges Braque. 1906-07)


Stars and Moons in orange and red bell pepper sauce seasoned with prunes and raisins. (Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon. Robert Delaunay.1913)

Raviolis boiled in rose water with a touch of basil over a feather from the bird of paradise. Homage to Picasso’s canvas. (Composition in Oval with Color Planes. Piet Mondrian.1914)


Apples cooked in white wine and rock water reduction with aromas of corollas and shadows. (Still Life With Compotier. Paul Cezanne. 1880)

Black cocoa bar mounted on ostrich egg yolk over gold leaf and grated tomato. (Yellow Circle. László Moholy-Nagy. 1921)


The Modern, my favorite spot in Manhattan, my favorite table placed facing the gardened patio. Bushes, flowers and sculptures. Mi hands transport bits of pasta and greens towards a floating throat that opens and closes mechanically. On reaching the pallet the textures transform into the lines, circles and brushstrokes that flood my mind since morning. The fifth floor at The MoMa, a universe of master pieces that heals my days and dreams.

Simultaneous Contrasts: Sun and Moon. Robert Delaunay.1913

  The MoMA. The Museum of Modern Art of  New York. The Collection.  Paintings and Sculpture.


  1. Insisto, me considero una rata encantada. A mucha honra.

  2. Cuanto me divierten tus comentarios. Un saludo de la Flautista de la Huerta.

  3. qué idea tan interesante!
    se podría ofrecer un menú así en la cafetería del MOMA

    un saludo!
    maría josé

    • Gracias Maria Jose. Quiza la próxima vez que vaya lo sugiera.
      Un saludo

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