Posteado por: Concha Huerta | 16/04/2011

Turnberry Isle Courses

Last round on Turnberry Isle Golf Resort. Sport and nature. We felt we were part of a wild life documentary. When we reached the 4th Hole of the Miller course we discovered dozens of birds grouped into one of the ponds preserved from the original swamp on which this amazing field was built. Between bird songs and calls I seem to recognize the unmistakable voice of David Attenborough.

During springtime, Turnberry Isle’s lakes gather a wide variety of the most representative birds of Florida. White and black swans, cormorants and pelicans, ibis and egrets share pond edges with flamingoes and gooses, while Muscovy ducks feed their young. The miracle of life has been going on every year on these waters for millennia.

Photos: M. da Silva and C. Huerta

Turnberry Isle Miller & Soffer Course. Diseño: Ray Floyd. Aventura. Florida.


  1. ¡Qué belleza! sin duda, un paisaje maravilloso…rodeado de tantas aves de todas las clases y colores alimentando a sus crias…bonitas imágenes para la vista, y para comenzar una nueva semana…
    Un besito dorado Concha…nos vemos

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