Posteado por: Concha Huerta | 24/03/2011

Nightmare in Japan

I crawl out of bed after a sleepless night. A stomach ache  prevented me from sleeping. The few moments of unconsciousness were plagued with bad dreams and anxieties. I drink a steaming cup as I seat in front of a screen filled with destroyed buildings, stations in fire and water dragging everything away. An earthquake measuring 8.9 hit Japan in the morning, creating a wave that literally swept away the northeast coast. Nature punishes once again this earth. The anguish for my friends is entrenched in my stomach. I wonder if last night I was not hearing their cries. I pray for them and for all the victims’ families.

Sendai under waters after March 11 tsunami. Photo: Reuters /Kyodo


  1. Dear Conchi… Thanks for remind us how fragile we all are when the mother nature gets mad.

    • I was really touched by the news. greetings to you

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