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Dreaming is for free

(Post traducido por M. da Silva. Para ver la versión española pulsar en Soñar no cuesta nada)

-I’ve got the perfect dress for the MCK cocktail party.

-I hope you’re not thinking of wearing the same old boring grey dress. For once we get invited to go to New York.

-Not at all. I’m wearing a knee high pale pink ruffle dress, so very appropriate given the MoMa’s avant garde style. Its Karl Lagerfield’s read of a Coco design that looks more than a dress a sculpture.

-Knee high?  Isn’t it a black tie event?

-You are absolute right. I’ll leave it for the luncheon. I’ve seen an incredible Elie Saab for the gala, my favourite from this year Spring-Summer Paris collection. A long, lilac, gauze and lace dress. Classy and flowy.

-Isn’t it a little over the top? You need a banging body to pull off such a revealing kinda, see through dress.

-Nonsense. By the way, I have already chosen your Oscar gown. A dreamy Dior. A vintage 50’s empire cut, high lighting the waist, in sandy colours sprinkled with daisies, very youthful. And the final touch, an iridescent train fit for a princess.

-What Oscar?

-The one for best actress in the movie I am writing for you.

-Isn’t that a little premature? You’ve only written the plot and I am just starting my second year at Corazza.

-But I am sure you’ll be a hit. Better prepared than sorry. And Galiano’s dress is just perfect.

-Chanel, Saab, Dior… So what, you gonna charge all this to the Academy?

-Dreaming is for free, darling.


Elie Saab


Paris Fashion Week. Haute couture. Spring-Summer 2011

Fotos: rachaelnotrachel.tumblr


  1. It is great to have the chance to read in English from time to time.

    • So many foreigner friends…

  2. Dreaming for fashion is dreaming in dreams o even a credit card nigthmare. Hi

    • You are absolute right! Thanks for visiting.

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