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Testino’s Four Seasons

(Versión inglesa. Traducción: M. da Silva. Para ver el post en español pulsar 4 Estaciones de Testino)

– Fall –

Twilight evenings, currents of silk. The soul is envelopped with each bell chime. Sighs transmuted into wails. Memories that lie in wait behind every page. Faces protected by crowns of dry twigs. Around them the leaves swirl in dreamy spirals. Earth, wind, rain. Time in abeyance. The past hits us with an arrow of melancholy.

Sasha Pivovarova. London 2007

– Winter –

Dusk over a lake of white waters. Marble slabs hide dreams of life. The snow hugs trunks and branches and blurs the landscape into a single spot. Silence. The sun is merely a glow on a naked Wall, defying the ternal night. Feathers, gauzes, silks. The broken dance of a princess condemned to exile.

Lara Stone. Paris 2007

– Spring –

First light in the country side. A nymph stretches over the fresh grass. Its angelic hair sways with the breeze. The countryside awakens amongst bird songs and promises of life. It lifts its gaze of water ayes in search of the father that blesses the morning. The sky caresses its cheeks with a touch of grace. Crystalline gaze that condenses all the questions of the Universe.

Sasha Pivovarova. London 2007

– Summer –

Blood and sand. A godess incarnate un gauzes and tafetas. Wild petals are entangled around a perfect torso. The flesh tinted with the exhuberance of an August sunset. Lights and shadows. In the background the embers of an omnipresent sun travelling to other lands. The plenitude of life. The wisdom of Mother Nature.

Reese Witherspoon. París 2008

Photos by Mario TestinoTodo o nada. Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza. Till January 9th 2011.

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