Posteado por: Concha Huerta | 25/07/2010

Tea for two

Five in the afternoon. We fall on the small armchair at the Foyer, facing a pale green striped china teacup. We leave behind the frantic running, the suitcases and the planes. The first warm sip caresses the palate and soothes the stomach, neglected since morning. The second clears the temples; the third returns us to heaven. One hundred orchids at the centre, columns and screens, bathed in the colours of the 20’s.

Crystalline laughter and murmurs that trail eses like the ocean’s floor. Champagne glasses and trays dressed in white circling the tables. Bits of farms and groves trapped in tender breads. The diligence of an impeccable waiter erases small doubts and great sorrows. Succulent scones and rich clotted cream wake up our dreams. Another cup of tea. Time vanishes amongst jams and pastries.

Ladies and gentlemen in formal wear, girls whisper secrets to golden ladies in shiny dresses. A violin hums Cole Porter’s melodies wrapped in piano chords, enhancing varnished woods and lacquers. Velvet textures, the jingle of silver spoons. Four cakes fill the table with tropical scents. Tea time at Claridge’s, our favourite spot in London. An English tradition at its finest.

Afternoon tea at Claridge’s.  Brook Street. Mayfair. London W1K 4HR. Tel: 44 (o)20 74096307. Tea Guild Award of Excellence 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007


  1. Qué tiene el té que sabe mejor en Londres? Será la flemática ceremonia que siguen los ingleses, emulando y transformando la etiqueta china y japonesa a la manera del reino más prolífico de occidente y que nos atrapa de esta manera tan romántica y dulce.
    Qué ganas de compartir por esos lares an english tea at five o’clock
    Saludos desde la tierra de la lluvia

    • Aqui tambien llueve y aunque hace calor también apetece un te. Una costumbre instaurada por una reina hambrienta entre horas… Un saludo

  2. Since I am a Briton, I do like but I am not fanatical of tea, I am more a bit in my breaks times of cup of coffee, now Mss Concha Huerta I have a rule before lunch and before dinner, I take my cup of tea along with somebody to talk, after having dinner no coffee at all. Now to the tea I put one slice of lemon in the afternoons, greetings,

    • Thanks for sharing your insights.

  3. Dear. Concha Huerta you would be so kind as to tell me where is the photo of your desktop salon central site of taste that I find so English.

    • If you mean the photo in my banner it’s my living room. regards

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