Posteado por: Concha Huerta | 26/06/2010


Post translated by M. da Silva from Spanish Contrapunto 2

Montreaux. Small town on the shore of Lake Leman. Four thousand souls within the Stravinsky Auditorium. Herbie Hancock and Lang Lang share genius and two century old sounds. Montreaux. Lake, mountain, music…paradise.

Lang Lang at the Madrid Auditorium. A young man dressed in a Mao collared suit sits on the piano. His fingers meld with the keyboard in a flurry of notes and pulses. The boy prodigy from Shenyang captures me instantly. Lang Lang grows with every melody and plucks an angel’s feather from the contained silence in the room. 27 years old. The maturity of a countenance transported by ecstasy. I wish I could reach an inkling of that light in my tales. I wish I were a genius, to share the strength and tenderness of his winged hands.

Herbie Hancock. His piano resonates in my brother’s car. Chords rip me from my seat with a strength that tugs at my heart. I talk to him. He doesn’t listen; he’s lost in the impenetrable rhythms of a precise mind. Hancock is a 69 year old youth. The prodigy from Chicago intertwined with the history of Jazz. A complete artist who masters the ivory sounds and the electric keyboards building melodies that transform bodies into air and water.

Counterpoint. Classical Music and Jazz. Ying and Yang. Lang Lang’s Liszt and Hancock’s Dolphin Dance. The one-off images from Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Two pianos hugging in a circle. This was the start of their recital tour. I make a mental note of the dates yearning to have found a place amongst those privileged souls.

Lang Lang. The  Zaragoza Auditorium. June 27th 2010. Pieces of Isaac Albéniz, Sergéi Prokofiev  and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Herbie Hancock. The Imagine Proyect, July 25th 2010. Madrid

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