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An Argentinian in Sintra.

(Post traducido al inglés por M. da Silva del español Entre Cuadros)

Sintra, 12 pm. Rox Lawson meets us at her home. Her face illuminated by the welcome, the morning covered by high clouds. A drink in the terrace, greetings and anecdotes. Lively  words and  a delicious meal waiting in the kitchen. On a tray fresh leaves dance to the rhythm of lemons and olives. The lemons that ripen on the terraces behind the house.  The vegetable patch of the artist.

Rox ushers us into a room with walls covered with her latest works, a combination of energy, intuition and nature. Long grass and ancient barks, textures of the pampas, shores of childhood.  Memories of a life crossing continents and oceans. At every step bursts of color that catch your eye with the strength of someone who gives their all in every brushstroke.

A storm is brewing, the first after months of sun and breeze.  Lines flow between the land and water. There is something in the pictures of Rox Lawson that lights up the soul and transports you to fantastic places. Castles lost in the mist, lagoons that trap the echoes of sirens, imagined metropolis. The universe Rox Lawson shares in each of her canvases with generosity and joy.

Rox Lawson. Ensueño.  1.20 x 90 . Oil on canvas

 Rox Lawson. Laguna. 2.60 x 1.00. Técnica mixta.

Rox Lawson. Tormenta. 50 x 50. Oil on canvas

Rox Lawson. Rotación.  50 x 50.  Oil on canvas.

Rox Lawson. Mitos y leyendas. 1.60 x 1.00. Técnica mixta

Photos by Maria Virginia Fiorini

Rox Lawson. Sintra. Portugal. To visit Rox Lawson website click here

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